Frequently Asked Questions


What is the average cost of a letter?

Most letters range between $4-$7. Pricing is always 9 cents per word, plus the current cost of a stamp.


Can I see the letter before it is sent?

Yes, we send a photo verification to your email upon completion. If for any reason you don't feel our quality of hand writing meets your standard, we will happily provide a full refund without question and dispose of your written letter.


What color ink do you use?

We provide the option in the letter submission form for your choice of blue or black ink.


Is my letter content secure?

Our forms and website are encryped to insure that your letter has secure delivery and handling upon delivery. We take security seriously and will never resell your information or email address to third parties.

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All letters and thank you cards are hand written in a clear and easy to read print style on executive style stationary.

Confirmation of writing and postage is provided upon completion.

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